A Little While
St. Benedict Orthodox Church
Celebrating in the Western Rite
of the Antiochian Jurisdiction
“A little while and ye shall not see me, and again a little while and you ye shall see me,
because I go to the Father.”

Jesus is telling the disciples what is about to happen, as He has before, the frightening and
miraculous events that are about to unfold in their lives; events that will change not only
their lives, but all creation.

The Apostles seem not to comprehend the message and are instead hung up on the
timeframe. “A little while, what does He mean by a little while?”

This statement, mysterious to the disciples, we see from our vantage point today through
the lens of 2000 years’ experience and the teaching of the Church.

The first ‘little while’ follows the torture, crucifixion, and death of Jesus, the silence of the
tomb and the descent to hell. They do not see Him, the mobs rejoice and the disciples

The second ‘little while’ is the resurrection, and for a brief period they see Him again until
the ascension.

And, ‘because I go to the Father,’ Jesus states. This ‘going to the Father’ is the key in the
middle. When Jesus first emerged from the tomb, and from His mission in the depths of Hell,
Mary Magdalene was there. He instructed her, “Do not touch me, for I have not yet
ascended to my Father.”
St. Benedict of Nursia Orthodox Church
St. Benedict of Nursia Orthodox Church
Weekly Lectionary
The Orthodox Church is evangelical, but not Protestant.
It is orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman.
It is not non-denominational, it is pre-denominational.
It has believed, taught, preserved, defended, and died for the Faith of the Apostles
since the Day of Pentecost nearly 2000 years ago in 33 A.D.